September 08, 2012

To Combat Corruption Shared Parenting Law Needed

Shared parenting law is needed in Kentucky. What is Shared parenting? This effort of the last ten years puts a spotlight the corruption that has crept into to a process. we all believe these courts were operating for the protection of the peoples rights coming before it. But investigations have revealed a long history of exploitation, extortion, racketeering, and ransom by family courts in Kentucky.

Shared parenting is an effort to solemnize the inherent right of both parents to be equally in their children's lives after divorce; and stop exploitation of people being professionally taken advantage of.

A bill needs to be filed in the general assembly that will move toward the presumption of shared parenting from the onset on all dissolution of marriage cases.

It's happening everywhere - this is a war on fathers, and broken families are the collateral.

The Hidden Tyranny of Family Courts

Even citizens attempting to use the law to deter egregious misconduct are being obstructed. 

The General Assembly needs to step up and bring Shared Parenting Law to pass in Kentucky

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