March 29, 2010


CENTRAL KY - The Kentucky Supreme Court appears to be delaying the appeal of Scott Family Court Judge Tamra Gormley. Gormley was found to have committed Judicial Misconduct by the Judicial Conduct Commission in December 2009, and sentenced Gormley to 45 days suspension without pay. Gormley's suspension was stayed while she appealed to the Supreme Court.

Gormley was also found guilty of Misconduct on additional counts in a separate action, that was also appealed, then consolidated with the other case. In addition to time gained from moving the court to consolidate, the Supreme Court, on it's own initiative, set the briefing schedule for 30 days out, gave 10 more days than the rules allow. This was done, it was said, because of the multiple misconduct convictions. Then, as the deadline for the 30 days approached, Gormley's attorney filed a motion to extend the time again. The court granted the request but indicated it was a final extention.

Gormley has enjoyed the suspension of the disciplinary sentence imposed that suspended her without pay for 45 days. If you and I are convicted of something, we wouldn't enjoy and automatic stay of the sentence while we appealed our case. Where is equal protection of the law in this circumstance? Why does a Judge who is convicted of misconduct not have to suffer the penalty imposed, if ever, until after the appeal process has run the course. Why do people convicted of crimes not get the penalty suspended until the appeal process has run the course?

With many citizens petitioning and filing claims of misconduct, those claims of Judicial Corruption and misconduct in Family Courts are ignored. Often those claims are being further covered up by the higher supervisory courts and conduct commission. Why then has Gormley not been spared by the "wink" and the "nod" that occurs in other cases? Maybe she has, and maybe the Supreme Court will provide that for her, since it has provided a generous extention of time.

Gormley's case could be, like one of those from the past, used to create the appearance of accountablity then let off the hook behind the scenes on the appeal. What about the other complaints that are ingnored or actually covered up? What about cases where the judges conduct is so egregious as to constitute criminal conduct? Do you think you can get the ear of a commonwealth attorney or maybe even an Assistant U.S. Attorney? Think again.

We will continue to watch this case closely, as well as press harder upon the Supreme Court and Conduct Commission to hear other complaints and cases, and if needed, direct it to the proper prosecution authority for access to a Grand Jury.

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