April 10, 2012


A citizen petition to impeach a family court judge, filed with the Ky House of Representatives Clerk on January 24, 2012, and read into the record by the reading clerk has been and about to be denied any process before any committee. From here where the petition went know one really knows for sure. The petitioner said he was informed it had been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. Calls to the Judiciary Committee were met with "it would not be on the agendas." That was in the first week of February.  As each week rolled by and the petitioner was given no opportinnity to begin to present the case for impeachment, the calls requesting such were eventually not returned. This was going into March. 

It is now April 10 and the session ends in 2 days. Petitioner has claimed that House Speaker Greg Stumbo, and Judiciary Chair John Tilley have conspired to deny the petitioner the right to redress this grienvamce, be heard, make a record, and get a determination of cause, or not, for impeachment. This violated the oath of office and even makes them complcit to the causes outlined as ground for impeachment in the petiton. It's also highly questionable that lawyer members in the lead postitions of the house are acting to cover-up a petition to impeach a family court judge.  Jack Conway's office will not investigate.

State Media has been silent giving no coverage to even mentioning the petition filing. People across Kentucky involved in Tea Party activism are scratching their heads and wondering just what kind of government they have in Frankfort? Any person in Kentucky by right and law may file a petition for Impeachment, and has further right to a process and a meaningful opportunity to make their case.

The petitioner has stated there is real concern that he could be retaliated against. No one should let the injustice of denying a right expressed in the law, to Petition for Redress of grievance, pass quietly. A protected 1st amendment right.

UPDATE: LAWSUIT FILED: http://kybordc.blogspot.com/2013/02/beshear-and-stumbo-sued-for-deprivation.html#!/2013/02/beshear-and-stumbo-sued-for-deprivation.html

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