February 25, 2012


Is Greg Stumbo covering up on an impeachment petition?

On January 24 2012, HI1 - House Impeachment 1, was filed with the clerk of the Kentucky House of representatives. The petition was read into the record under "motions, petitions, and communications" then delivered to the committee on committees. From the beginning, the petition as written on the face of the document directed "to creat an impeachment committee." A house staff member, Scott Jones, informed the Petitioner that it would be assigned to the judiciary committee. The petitioner informed them that was an error, and should have an independent impeachment committee created.

The right to the process is secured in the Kentucky Constitution, Section 1.6, KRS 63.030, and the historical precendent is established in Legislative Research Commission Report 176 - Impeachment in Kentucky. It is additionally affirmed upon the American Judicature Society website - removal of judges in the 50 states section, here.
Kentucky judges may be removed in one of two ways:
  • After notice and hearing, the judicial conduct commission may admonish, reprimand, censure, suspend, retire, or remove a judge. The commission's decisions are subject to review by the supreme court.
  • Judges may be impeached by the house of representatives and convicted by a two-thirds vote of the senate.
Greg Stumbo's office has been contacted repeatedly since the petition was filed, and Judiciary Chair John Tilley as well. Both have had their staff tell the petitioner they were "working on it". Requests for the proper impeachment committee be created have never been met. Both representatives now appear to be obstructing access to a proper inquiry committee. Greg Stumbo was on the 1991 Impeachment Inquiry Committee.

Kentucky's citizens should know that obstruction to access a fair and proper process as the law allows violates everyones right. It is the law. Greg Stumbo is declaring himself a dictator.

Voice your concerns about the obstruction to access a process by calling the legislative hotline at - 1-800-372-7181- and leave a message for House Speaker Stumbo, and your Rep., to give House Impeachment Petition - (1)  Due Process!

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